We’ve been working with Adelaide-based copywriter and editor Leticia Supple for a while now – she’s done work for our clients ranging from small-scale refinements to complete rewrites, as well as editing brochure and site copy for our own use. Formerly a partner at Brascoe Publishing, Leticia has recently gone into business solo and launched a new web site to advertise her services.

What Leticia has done is a brave thing – rather than go for a brand that is “safe” and appeals to the corporate world, she’s chosen an edgy look that suits her personality and individuality perfectly: Brutal Pixie. It’s actually a nickname I came up with for her, because she’s physically very tiny and pixie-like, but has immense tenacity and drive, not to mention a take-no-prisoners approach to editing my wonky writing. The name stuck, and when Leticia was looking for an identity for her venture, it seemed a good fit.

The “Brutal Pixie” illustration was done by our very talented designer Kristy. Leticia chose a great looking third-party WordPress theme, and Kristy designed a new header to make the pixie feel right at home. We made a few template tweaks, and the end result is a very smart, professional-looking site with an awesome vibe.

The “Brutal Pixie” is now taking on new work, so if you need copywriting or editing services for print or web, Clever Starfish cannot recommend Leticia highly enough.

Brutal Pixie – Copywriting and Editing Services