Who We Are



Clever Starfish is a digital agency specialising in creating meaningful, effective and suitable WordPress website design digital solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Our clients include corporate companies, retailers, fashion and jewellery brands, advertising agencies, marketing companies, PR firms, photographers, hire companies, property developers, e‑campuses, festivals, events companies, mining companies, wineries and more.

Our solid team of talented people includes digital strategists, designers, programmers, account managers, producers, photographers, social specialists, videographers and writers.

In 2011 the founders of Clever Starfish, Dave and Kay, made an exciting move to Poland so Gregory Bruyer and Jane Farrow stepped up to fill their shoes and have expanded the team to thirteen very talented starfish.

Of course, Dave and Kay are still very much part of the business, as they will always be – but do this remotely from Poland and Berlin.

Jane Farrow is now Managing Director and Gregory Bruyer is Production Director and they have brought their extensive skills and contacts from the digital, 3D, marketing and website industries with them.