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12 Sep
Posted by Davel

HMS Popup Launches Retro Rumble With Double Crumble

The Retro Rumble is a two day festival of all things retro, with 11 soul, R&B, 60’s garage, rockabilly, blues and swing bands facing off against each other for Rumble in the Underground and a free public event with more bands, markets, food stalls, popup wine bars, fashion shows and plenty more goings on.

To complement traditional print promotional materials, we created a website with a poster look to it, but with more interactivity so that each band’s profile can be viewed. The result is this bold, bright and energetic responsive website. The really impressive part—if you’re part-nerd like us—is that the band lineup and event details are all editable in WordPress, and get automagically fitted into the list thanks to some fancy coding by devmaster Kieran.

The Retro Rumble

Even though I had nothing to do with the project, on behalf of ryhme-lovers everywhere I declared that the Launchcake for Rumble must be Apple Crumble. To match the colour themes for the two events, we ended up having double crumble; one with rhubarb, one with blueberries. It just felt right.

rumble crumbles

8 Sep
Posted by Davel

Rise Network Adds New Media Hub to Site

Rise Network is a not-for-profit organisation that began in 1983 serving elderly residents of their local hills community. Today, they are a key provider of support and services in the aged care, disability, youth and mental health sectors. We launched their new site in October last year (see blog here!) and since then there has been a 600% increase in traffic to the site.

With an active blog, social media presence and staff regularly featured in the media, they needed an area to collect all these presences and content for years to come. They wanted it to be easy to find and easy to use.

The new media hub lets Rise to link to their social media profiles, post print and digital media mentions along with the source article, as well as media releases and important documents. Mentions, releases and corporate documents each have their own archive which will allow people to follow Rise’s history in retrospect.

Check it out here and let us know what you think on our Twitter or Facebook!

Rise Media page

10 Feb
Posted by Davel

Back it up starfishes—it’s another fresh launch!

Fresh Backup is the latest offering on Fresh Look IT’s Fresh Cloud service, and it’s so special that it gets its own landing page. If we’re going to get technical (which we love to do, of course) this is really a landing site—it’s powered by WordPress, with custom content sections so that the headings, text, product images and features can all be edited super easily. This is another collaboration with our stylish friends at The Globe, who created the awesome brand identity and design you see here.

Fresh Backup

Often we’ll try and get a themed LaunchCake to celebrate the site we’ve just launched, and as of last month we’ve expanded our tradition to incorporate ‘LiquidLaunchCake’. In this case, freshness was most definitely taken care of by these colour coordinated fruit smoothies from Java Juice. (Except for that white one…how did that get in there??)  

10 Jan
Posted by Konalee

Lifeline WA Introduces Online Crisis Chat

Lifeline WA is part of the national Lifeline network, the leading provider of suicide prevention assistance in Australia. They deliver services that aim to prevent suicide, support people in crisis and create opportunities for emotional well-being. In addition to The Crisis Support helpline—a 24/7 phone service operated by trained and accredited Telephone Crisis Supporters—Lifeline has created an online chat service.

The online chat enables short-term support for people who are overwhelmed and having difficulty coping or staying safe. Users can confidentially chat one-on-one with a Lifeline Online Crisis Supporter using instant messaging technology. The chat is available 8pm–Midnight AEST and operates 7 days a week.

iinet are Lifeline WA’s technology partner and have supported the landing page with the aim of raising awareness of the national online crisis chat. Lifeline WA are in the process of creating their own online crisis chat program which will better suit the needs of Western Australians in crisis.

Instead of having LaunchCake, we decided to make a LaunchDonation! You too can make a difference by supporting Lifeline WA https://www.lifelinewa.org.au/donate/ . Lifeline WA relies on corporate and community funding to deliver its core suicide prevention and crisis support services.

Online Crisis Chat Landing Page

9 Jan
Posted by Jane and Jayde

Should I put up a holding page? Questions, answered…

We get asked about holding pages all the time and whether they are worth the investment and often it depends on your business, competition, product and strategy. We launched a flurry of landing pages just before the Christmas break and were asked to quote an unprecedented amount last year. Here are the top three questions, answered.

Is it enough to simply put my logo and address up there?

If you are a physical business like a doctor, coffee shop or dentist this might be enough. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (etc) you would be crazy not to add these to the page and encourage people to interact.

What else should I think about adding to my holding page?

We recommend that the very base you start with is;

  • Social links – This enables you to lead people to a place where they can interact with you now.
  • Google Analytics – There is nothing more powerful than seeing how people are finding your business and what sites are sending people your way. As you build your site you might want to consider adding pages and content to rectify challenges or benefit from opportunities presented by Google and referrers.
  • Newsletter signup – If you have the opportunity to build a crowd before you launch your site (especially if you are in e-commerce), why would you pass up on it? We can setup HelloStarfish or link with most other newsletter systems to streamline the storage of your mailing lists for you. Building a crowd before launch means you start business with a bang!
  • Top notch content – It doesn’t have to be a novel (it’s best if it isn’t actually!), but a well-written paragraph synopsis of your business and/or a fabulous photo of your product/s is worth it’s weight in gold.
Should I have a content-management system, like WordPress?

If you plan on having your landing page up for longer than 10 weeks and you want to change your content at least monthly – we suggest you do. However you need to be really strict with yourself about what you really need to edit otherwise you may as well be building your website. Probably the best example of a well-suited landing page with a WordPress content management system is The Globe. They designed a page that was going to be an image banner and synopsis and we suggested that we build in a banner manager so that they can add their projects to showcase as they launch them.

Is it better to keep my old website up there for now?

If you have a huge site and the content is still, for the most-part, relevant then keeping your old site up there whilst you make the new one is probably a good thing – especially if you have lots of content and pages. The reasoning behind this is Google. If you go from 70 pages to 1 page then you are considerably reducing your ‘Google juice’ or footprint. You can make a huge number of dead links too unless you redirect all your old pages to the home page and your relevancy on searches can drop very quickly. We will address redirects in a future blog.

So how much is it going to cost me?

There is no magic number but you should be expect it to be over $300 and under $3000 unless you are being super simplistic or building a mini site. The best way to find out is to call and have a chat with the digital people in your life. If you don’t have any – feel free to call us and we would love to have a cup of tea and a chat.

To make up for way too many words, here are some pretty holding pages designed buy our team and some of our clients.

8 Jan
Posted by Davel

A Fresh Looking Holding Page

Fresh Look IT have a solid history and well established client base, and are getting a brand identity makeover by our good friends at The Globe that is going to make them stand out from their competitors. While their full website is being created, this holding page (designed by The Globe) introduces the new branding and gives a web presence with a way to keep in touch. They’re certainly challenging the branding status quo in the professional IT services sector, and their new look is really…well, fresh.


Since we launched the holding page on the same day as Achievement Matters and The Globe, we decided having three LaunchCakes was a little bit ridiculous—even for us. To solve this problem, we came up with a variation on the LaunchCake concept.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…LaunchShake!