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3 Oct
Posted by Jane

Clever Starfish wins WA Web Awards for both The Seventh Duchess & Perth Theatre Company

Last night was the WA state round of the Australian Web Awards – run in parallel with events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

It was held at SpaceCubed in St Georges Terrace – and was a great chance to catch up with other web nerds in our industry.

After a focus on accessibility, we got into the business of the awards – kicking off with our first of two wins for The Seventh Duchess in the eCommerce category! This followed with another award in the non-profit category for Perth Theatre Company.

There were multiple awards in some of the categories and other winners included The Frontier Group, Humaan, JuiceBox Creative, Bam Creative, 303 Lowe, Red Meets Blue, Michael Bollig and Sumo.

For all the chatter, check out our Twitter or #AWA2013 or follow us on Facebook.

The national round of Australian Web Awards runs in two weeks – Sydney here we come!

8 Aug
Posted by Monica

Carpets and Floors At Yours Customers Floored by Extraordinary New Website


Finding the perfect flooring can be a lengthy process.

Carpets and Floors at Yours know this and recently launched an online catalogue that allows users to build a quote online and have their chosen samples delivered to their home to inspect.

The website provides an extensive catalogue of flooring including carpet, vinyl, laminate, timber and bamboo. The products are all very detailed with a visual sample and pictures of the flooring in offices and homes. Each product shown includes specifications, warranty information and even instructions on how to install the flooring yourself!



Products can be shortlisted by adding them to your favourites list and from there you can enter in the amount of flooring required for each room to create a price estimate yourself. If you are still unsure of the products you have selected and need to see them, you can book a physical van to come straight to your doorstep with the samples you have added to your virtual van on the website. Convenient? We think so!


Carpets and Floors at Yours is a very unique flooring business in Perth. They launched their first fleet of mobile flooring showrooms in August 2012. They saw an opportunity in the market to provide an at-home service for the residential and commercial markets. Each mobile showroom carries over 800 samples of carpet, laminate, vinyl, timber, bamboo and underlay for viewing.

Given they only have mobile van ‘showrooms’ and no physical store, Carpets and Floors needed a way to showcase their products to potential customers, so having an online catalogue made sense. The interactive website compliments their on-location service, by allowing customers to browse their products whenever they want.


So next time you are looking for flooring for your home or office and don’t have the time to go out to several stores to find ‘the one’, browse online at carpetsatyours.com.au and book a mobile showroom to come to you!

18 Jul
Posted by Monica

Take5 Temp Launches “hot” new food monitoring app into the cloud

The Take5 Temp app is a collaborative project that was scoped, managed and designed by Clever Starfish and developed by The Frontier Group.

We are very excited to finally announce the launch of this app. This project was completed early in the year, but always planned to follow the launch of their first app, Take5 Feedback.

The solution comprises of both a web app and a phone app  – much like Xero and other extremely successful business apps that have hit the market in the past 5 years. So what is it? – I hear you ask! It is an app that allows you to monitor the temperature of food and store the results in the cloud. From there, you can review the results over time and generate reports.

What problem were they trying to solve with this app, you may ask…
Businesses have to rely on staff to routinely record temperatures to ensure that food storage temperatures are within the safe means at all times at the point when food is delivered to their cafe, restaurant or venue. The classic way of doing this is with a clipboard or notepad. These get very grubby in the kitchen and are not very easy to review – should you have a problem that may have occurred from incorrect storage of a food. This method is also very easy for staff to cover their tracks. Risky business in food.

So how did we come up with the solution?
We all put our heads together to solve the problem;

  • Jeremy Wolf, Director of Take5 Temp is a trained chef, so he was aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the current systems.
  • Jane Farrow, our Managing Director, has more than 10 years of experience designing websites and web-apps so is aware of the best way to structure content and create use pathways.
  • Colin Paterson, Strategic Marketing Director of Ready for Liftoff, has decades of experience launching new products to the market and bringing together the best team to solve the issues at hand.
  • Adam Fitzgerald, CEO of The Frontier Group, has extensive experience in web apps and has been in the market of iPhone apps and Android Apps since their inception.

We spent an appropriate amount of time producing a scoping document and then ensuring the use-case was strong. We worked on a name and brand that would hold true (great work RFLO and Milkable) and a structure that will present the simplest pathways and structure for users. Once we all agreed that was sorted, we then moved into design then development.

So now its LIVE! Who needs it?
If you know someone who runs a cafe, restaurant or venue – they need this app. So tell them about it! Take5 Temp enables the use of existing phones or a work-supplied device (computer, tablet, phone, iPod!) to measure the food temperature on delivery in a flash. No fancy new equipment required! Alerts are raised for temperatures that are above or below the recommended food storage temperature and staff are notified when temperatures need to be monitored again.

Take5 Temp information is stored securely in the cloud, so it eliminates the need for paper recordings. Temperature data is tracked in real time and can be accessed anywhere with online access, so you don’t even need to be in the venue. This gives business owners the freedom to be on top of things, no matter where they are.

Below are screen captures of the website, where you can preview the app and watch the fabulous video, produced by Milkable.


For more previews of the app design, check out our Take5 Temp project page. Cake pending! Stay tuned …

14 May
Posted by Monica

Fresh New Look Responsive site goes live for Barclays Building Services

We are excited to announce the launch of the fresh-look Barclays Building Services (BBS) WordPress website, which has been brightened up with fresh new content and now supports mobile devices. BBS has been a client for four years and whilst their old site was still in working order, it needed to be matched to the latest marketing materials that were created by the talented bunch at Milkable.

The family-owned business was established more than 25 years ago and provides high quality building services to insurance and loss adjusters around Western Australia covering the following regions:

  • Busselton – Southwest Region
  • Kalgoolie – Goldfields-Esperance Region
  • Geraldton – Midwest Region
  • Karratha – Pilbara Region

Barclay's responsive website

They have experienced substantial growth in the last few years (in team and coverage) and wanted to be able to source new suppliers to work with and therefore needed the site to be able to streamline this process. Suppliers can now submit their expressions of interest online. The site also features a gallery so that new and existing clients can see examples of work Barclays Building Services has completed.

To celebrate the launch of the new site, we munched on a delightful selection of treats from the David Jones’ food court.


25 May
Posted by Gregory

Kirk Hille Photography celebrates new site!

Kirk Hille is celebrating the launch of his new site! Congratulations Kirk on the new website and your excellent photos!

Kirk Hille Website snap shot

Launch cake for this website: Carrot Cake

Kirk Hille Launch Cake

28 Sep
Posted by Kay

Zoo Studio is totally wild

Animal photographer Ken Drake, one of Clever Starfish’s first clients, was recently featured on Channel Ten’s Totally Wild TV show.

The show sent cameras to capture a typical puppy photo session – as his partner, marketing whiz Beck describes it, “lots of fun, laughs and playtime… oh and of course a few puppy wees”.

Check out the four minute clip here on Zoo Studio’s site.

15 Sep
Posted by Kay

Kathmandu Kids Quiz Night 2010–almost a perfect result

The Kathmandu Kids quiz night was this past Monday. Portions of the Clever Starfish team teamed up with some Fasthit people and other friends to fill two tables, and although we were technically three people short of two full tables and not taking it all that seriously, we still managed to come first and second overall. We must be clever little starfish after all.

A big thanks to Carnegies for supplying the prizes: we should be able to put together a quite fantastic early Christmas party!

The “almost a perfect result” in the title refers to the fact that the overall fundraising goal of $30,000 was not quite met – still, an amazing $26,287 was raised. If you’re interested in helping reach the original goal for the education and welfare of kids in the Kalimati slums, donations are still being taken.

The Kathmandu Kids volunteers have put in a massive effort once again and their efforts are an inspiration. Well done guys.

10 Sep
Posted by Kay

James Price Point gas plant protest

Creative Commons licensed photo from TysonA

Over the past week landscape photographer Christian Fletcher has blogged about James Price Point in the Kimberly and the difference that photographers can make.  Because formal negotiations with the traditional indigenous owners have not resulted in the desired outcome after two years, the West Australian government is planning to compulsory acquire this wilderness land in order to build a 30 billion dollar gas processing plant. There are serious concerns not only about the process being undertaken, but the inevitable environmental impact on what Christian says is the one area of the Kimberley Coast that is easily accessible without boat or helicopter.

Christian is now imploring everyone to sign GetUp’s petition to stop the compulsory acquisition and hopefully, stop the gas plant. Add your voice now!

30 Jul
Posted by Kay

Starfish clients get competitive

In the past few weeks, three of our photographer clients have launched some big competitions. So we thought we’d give ’em a hand and let you all know about them too.

Christian Fletcher has a competition open to non-professional, enthusiast photographers. And you have to shoot landscapes. It’s an unusual competition, in that only 500 entries are allowed. You can enter as many times as you like, but as soon as the 500 limit has been reached, that is it! For more information hit up his web site here, here for more details, and here for information on one of the awesome prizes.

Animal art photographers Zoo Studio have been nominated for the 4th Annual Paws and Claws Award. To celebrate, they are running their own competition. For every person who votes for Zoo Studio, given it’s a people’s choice award, an entry goes into their own competition. And what can you win? A huge Canon EOS 1000D and some private training. Wow!

Finally, Alex Cearns, also an animal photographer, is running a competition on her Facebook page. All you have to do is email in a photo of a pet, taken by you. The prize is really cool too: a metallic print of one of Alex’s multi-award-winning photographs. For more details, visit her site and have a read.

We love it when we see our clients engaging with their audiences like this. The only thing we wonder, is whether any of the Starfishies are eligible to enter…

23 Jul
Posted by Kay

Dave and Kay’s European adventure

For the third year running, Starfish Dave and Starfish Kay will be heading off for the month of August to bask in the European summer sun. This year we will be spending three weeks in Germany (with some quick side trips to France and Switzerland), and then visiting Krakow, Poland for another week.

Back in the office, the rest of the Starfish team will be working away as normal, and can be reached by telephone or email as per usual. We will be checking in via email from time to time thanks to the wonders of the mobile internet, but all enquiries should be directed towards the office.

Don’t worry, we promise to have a great time and will post some photos when we get back!

21 Jul
Posted by Kay

The Australian Labor Government’s internet filter–delayed but still a threat

The past few weeks have been tumultuous ones in Australia’s political arena, with Julia Gillard challenging Kevin Rudd’s leadership of the Labor Party and in the process becoming Australia’s first female prime minister. Much speculation as to the future of the proposed internet filter was thrown about – including suggestions that Kate Lundy should replace Stephen Conroy as communications minister.

Last week, Gillard disappointed us greatly by speaking out in support of the internet filter. It was then announced that the filter will be delayed until July 2011, pending the outcome of an independent review into ratings classifications. And now, of course, we have an election in August.

What has actually happened is that the Labor leadership have realised that the internet filter is an election-losing proposition. By delaying it until after the election, instead of sinking it completely, they’re hoping to pacify both the pro- and anti-filter segments of the community. No doubt the ALP is hoping that once safely back in power, they can reintroduce the filter unopposed. In the meantime, the anti-filter lobby faces a tough time trying to keep the importance of the issue at the forefront of the minds of Australians.

What we have yet to see is a concrete policy on the filter from the opposition parties. Until that happens, we need to keep the pressure up to ensure that Australia’s online future is not compromised.

To keep up to date with developments in the fight to keep the internet open for everyone, visit Electronic Frontiers Australia and their Open Internet campaign.

29 Jun
Posted by Kay

Cupcakes to help the RSPCA

Thanks to Alex Cearns from Houndstooth Studio for the tip – the RSPCA will be holding their fundraising Cupcake Day 2010 on August 16.

Across Australia, official Cupcake Cooks and Cupcake Eaters will be holding cupcake-themed events to raise money for the RSPCA’s much-needed animal welfare activities. Last year’s event raised 1.1 million dollars and the organisation is setting its sights even higher this year.

There’ s information on how to get involved on the RSPCA’s official Cupcake Day web site. It sounds like a delicious and fun way to help protect our furry friends from neglect and abuse.