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31 Oct
Posted by Jane

Department of Fisheries improve useability for teachers using Marine WATERs site

Since the Marine WATERs site was first launched over a year ago, The Department of Fisheries has kept in regular touch with us at the ‘Department of Starfisheries’. Their team have added huge amounts of content including lesson plans, posters, fact sheets, articles, presentations, games and more – which has made this site an invaluable resource.

After listening to the teachers that use this site, it became apparent that the sheer scale (no pun intended!) of the resources slowly became tougher to navigate. It just so happens we are sticklers for easy navigation and we suggested building in some simple search and refine features to complement and improve the resource library that was already broken down into Processes, Marine Biology, Habitat, Humans and Management.

Now teachers can choose to keyword search and/or filter the phase of learning from the class, curriculum, topic and resource types as you can see below on the left hand side. Alternatively you can click on the icons at the top of each of the master pages and it will anchor (hah!) you down to the appropriate part of the page.

Every resource has its own page and summarises the suitability of the particular resource as you can see here or below.

We celebrated this launch with an amazing LaunchCake from Utopia in the shape of a kooky little fish. Check it out on our Facebook and let us know what you think!

4 Oct
Posted by Konalee

Rise: Your Community Support Network launches!

Please note that this website has since been relaunched! You can read the 2016 blog here.

The non-profit organisation Hills Community Support Group (HCSG) recently has rebranded and needed a website to support their new brand identity: Rise: Your Community Support Network.

With an organisation that does so much, the challenge was to create a site where people can easily grasp the size of the organisation and the aspects. The key to the site is to give focus to the 5 key service areas; aged care, mental health, youth, people with disabilities and care givers. Rise has a strong community focus with all the board members and leadership team enriching the corporate culture.

As the web is becoming an increasingly important resource for finding support services, Rise needed to have a website that was highly accessible and optimised to work on both computers and tablets. As those with a disability or aged would access the site it was important that the text was resizable, keyboard shortcuts for navigation and a contrast mechanism was programmed into the site. Even their Facebook page has a complete short cut system for the visually impaired!

We have worked with The Globe now for more than four years and always enjoy working with their talented design team. Here are a few screen grabs below:

Check out Rise’s website, Facebook and Twitter for more information about how Rise can help you.

We celebrated the launch of the website with the amazing team from The Globe and celebrated with a lavish #LaunchCake party!