A few months ago, we made a fabulous discovery: The Seventh Duchess tea. As we have a full house of tea drinkers (yes and coffee), new tea comes with much excitement. When we were asked if we would be happy to help her with a new online store, the answer was – of course – a resounding yes.

Jayde and I went to meet the team with a request from the starfishes to ‘try all the teas and bring back at least an Earl Grey’ – which we did. It was delightful and we now have four of her teas in our regular rotation.

We are now in the final stages of site development and just about ready to launch. Their site will feature an online store, a wholesale ordering section and a blog of the latest and greatest in the musings of The Seventh Duchess.

Here is the home page:

… and a peek at the listing page for the online store.

If you are tea drinkers just like us, I would suggest going to their Facebook page or following them on Twitter.  I think you have just about enough time to buy a tin and finish it before we launch the site… well at the very least we know we do.