For the last month or so, some of our starfishes have been helping Zap Electric Vehicles to spread the word on how awesome electric bikes are and how they are perfect for us Perthites. ‘Zap’ felt a great way was to get people up and out on bikes for free…which is a great idea and they are doing this via their Facebook page! After chatting with the crew there I *sort of definitely* pestered my way into being a test-rider for a few days and they graciously let me.

I own a mountain bike, so two wheels is not a new concept for me – and I would ride it to work if it was ‘dress-friendly’ but unfortunately wardrobe issues and sweating has put me off. Amazingly, the ZAP bike negates both these problems. The bike that they chose for me has a graceful ‘old-school’ bar for ladylike mounting/dismounting and does most of the pedalling for me so hence, no sweat! I love it and it is actually 10 minutes quicker than the bus and $27 cheaper a day than driving (not including petrol!). I am seriously considering buying one.

I’m thinking of hooking up some video action for tomorrow… just so you can see how awesome the bike is too. What do you reckon and yes, that is a cake in the back. You don’t think I would consider riding/driving something that would not be cake-friendly do you? Happy Birthday Jayde!