We’ve had the same business card design since the very beginning of Clever Starfish, so with Dave and I starting to run low and with a number of new staff needing cards, we decided it was time to refresh the design.

Our general branding hasn’t changed, but our new web site and promotional materials have adopted a slightly different style so Levi got to work and came up with our new design.

Our old cards had a different background colour for each person. This was kind of fun, so we wanted to keep going with that. I took dibs on green, Dave on dark red and Levi nabbed the ever-stylish grey for himself, leaving Uli, Al and Kristy to fight it out for the rest of the spectrum.

The cards were printed by Bicubic, who have done all of our printing work over the last three and a half years, and we’re all really pleased with how they turned out.