Anyone who has been in the Clever Starfish office has met our two cats: Shadow and Honey. While Dave and Kay like to think they run the show, it’s pretty obvious that Shadow and Honey are confident that they are the ones in charge.

The cats are pure-bred Abyssinians, half-brother and sister, and they’re six years old. They spend much of their day in our work area – Honey in particular likes to sit on Uli’s lap, or perch on Kristy, Levi or Al’s desk. They have yet to learn how to code, so If they get too rowdy they get banished to another room where they’ll bash on the door for a few minutes before going to sleep (sometimes it can be hard for them to get their full 20 hours in).

We’re big believers in responsible cat ownership, so Honey and Shadow are inside-only cats. But with an office full of people to entertain them, they don’t get bored – and they certainly have endeared themselves to everyone.