Buddhist Society of WA is a quiet achiever. Only when you see their traffic do you realise that their global reach.

BSWA was referred to us and it’s been a great match from the start. They took the time to undertake a website audit and report, even though they already had a plan in mind and this meant we were able to suggest the best approach and consolidate a number of websites into one fabulous digital asset.

What did Buddhist Society need to achieve?

The Buddhist Society of Western Australia is a non-profit organisation with the aim of helping people to learn the teachings of Buddhism and to see them in practice in their own lives.

Thier weeds were to be able to;

  • provide a place for people to consume the content they create.
  • provide a way to promote upcoming and past events
  • help people to understand a little more about the teachers
  • explain more about their locations
  • help people to understand how they can become a practicing buddhist

The continuing journey…

As with many of our clients, the journey begins when we put a pen to paper on the plan. The first milestone is set when a website or campaign goes live. We’ve achieved this milestone and the outcome has paid dividends.

We’re now working further on digital marketing that extends beyond the website, so watch this space.