Technology is changing the way we see and experience the world.

Airscope is a startup business built on use of new technology in innovative ways. Their driving vision is to unlock the bigger picture for their clients – making inspection data more accessible, immersive and instructive.

The challenge with any innovative business is packaging your offering to your target market and encouraging them to be an early adopter. You need to focus on the benefits, benefits, benefits!

This a tough (but very achievable) task at the best of times, but even harder when your audience is very traditional, namely asset owners working in very traditional industries such as mining, oil & gas, utilities and energy.

good planning leads to great digital marketing outcomes

As with any project, the first challenge we have is where to start and getting the plan on paper. In this particular case as with many, it was clear we needed to start with nutting out the business insights. We worked with the core team to understand what services they provided and the key client types they wanted to work with and what technologies they were replacing and complimenting.

From there, we put together a road map of digital marketing needs; which included reworking the brand, creating lots of new content, getting better photography and video (still a work in progress) and revision of marketing tools including brochures, social media presence, email signatures, website and customer software.

many hands make light work

As with any project, it required all hands on deck from all parties. Airscope needed a few extra sets of hands, given their workload increased during the production period – so we were happy to dig in and design extra elements for them and get the content into the website to keep to the launch deadline. That’s the beauty of having a team of experts with many skills – we’re able to help!

We’re proud of the outcome  and would like to give a big shout out to our collaborative partners on this one who also put in all their love, energy and expertise; amazing word herder, Rowena, from The Write Words and brand extraordinaire Nik from Propeller Brands.

There’s more to come from the Airscope team – who are working on new photos, better videos and will be sharing more stories relating to their clients’ successes using their services.

tell me more about digital marketing

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