Late last year, we wrote about the Australian government’s plan to implement mandatory censorship of the internet for all Australians. We still believe, as we did then, that it’s a dangerous idea that will not only fail to protect Australians from inappropriate material, but will have serious side-effects for businesses that cannot be ignored.

At the present time, introduction of the filter legislation into parliament has been delayed. This does not mean, however, that the plan has been abandoned. Campaigns are still ongoing to raise awareness in the community and encourage politicians to oppose the filter.

Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) are behind a new video campaign with comedian Akmal Saleh called “It’s time to tell mum”. The video is a humorous attempt to get people to do just that – explain why the filter is a bad idea to their mums and other people in the community who may not be aware of the full implications of the government’s plan.

You can watch the video as well as access easy to understand, non-technical information about the filter on the It’s Time To Tell Mum web site.