Last week I got an email from Zazz, the online store that sells a different item every day, often at crazy discounted prices. I’d ordered something small a few days beforehand, and the email was to let me know that my item was going to be delayed.

What was different about this email, however, was the way they broke the bad news:

Regretfully I inform you that delivery of your USB warming gloves has been delayed. You see, our delivery driver had been hijacked on the South Gippsland highway by a bunch of alien invaders. 

Thankfully the driver’s truck was left untouched and we have managed to locate it outside Koo Wee Rup. In further good news we have found a replacement driver who is delivering our gloves to us as we speak. 

Rest assured our thoughts are with the original driver’s family and we hope the aliens release him back to earth in a timely manner after they have finished with their probes. 

It is an unfortunate situation that we have little control over but we can guarantee that your gloves will be with you very soon now. If you could say a little prayer for our delivery driver that would be awesome.

So while I was disappointed that I’d have to wait for my item to be delivered – its getting cold here in Perth! – I couldn’t help laughing at the explanation they had for me. It got me thinking about other experiences I’d had with online stores, and realise the importance of showing personality. I certainly won’t forget how Zazz handled what could have been a potentially unpleasant situation!

Does your site have personality?