When the coffee shop at our local shops closed down, the Starfish team were faced with a dilemma. The nearest source of good coffee was too far away to be practical, yet productivity was suffering in some sectors of the team without regular doses of hot roasted goodness.

The answer was actually simple – we had almost no choice but to invest in a proper espresso machine. Dave set about doing some research and decided that the Isomac Zaffiro was a good fit for our usage patterns and budget – and it’s oh so shiny and pretty into the bargain.

Dave and Al are the Starfish baristas, and we keep a steady supply of fresh Five Senses coffee with regular deliveries. Levi doesn’t drink coffee but he’s very fond of hot chocolate, and Uli – despite having previously worked in a coffee shop, and being quite handy with a tamper herself – prefers chai latte.

When she’s feeling conscientious, Kay even bakes muffins for the full cafe experience!