A new website should be something to get excited about right? Unfortunately, for Clare Goodman her recent website experience was far from exciting. Clare’s website conveyed messages of a friendly self help and personal development business. For anyone familiar with The Lift Effect, they’ll tell you it is anything but; The Lift Effect provides blue chip clients with challenging corporate programmes that build successful leaders. Needless to say the website was all wrong.

We sat down with Clare and immediately began to evaluate and reshape the website – mostly through simple content changes using WordPress. Gone were the niceties of self help and personal development. These were replaced with a focus on key words like leadership, neuroscience and cognitive strategies.

After our meeting, we spent our time redesigning the skin of the website. This sounds like a big task but it’s amazing what can be achieved by changing a few colours and fonts here and there.

Left Effect website redesign

We then focused our energy on a key issue – the home page. By simply removing Clare’s photo from the banner we created a stronger corporate presence using bold iconography and a new dominant colour palette. We identified that the website didn’t communicate The Lift Effect’s services in our initial meeting. This issue was resolved by designing an eye-catching Services panel that clearly summarises the programmes available.

Lift Effect website design refresh

It all sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? That’s because it was. This was a fantastic project, which the whole team enjoyed (Clare and Starfish included). Not only did we reshape a misguided website into something great but we also totally transformed Clare’s approach to her website. She now feels a sense of pride, ownership and that all important excitement when a website goes live.

This is a perfect example of how a bit of listening and strategic thinking really can go a long way – see we’re not just a pretty face!

As part of the team, we invited Clare in to share in our excitement. Launch cake time!