Here are some great, spam-free, ways to increase your email newsletter list.

  • Make your newsletter easy to find. Add a sign-up form to your web site, and link to it from every page of your site – such as in the footer or your main menu
  • Add a sign-up link to your email signature, and get everyone else who works with you to do it too
  • Add a sign-up link to all invoices that you send electronically
  • Add a check-box to sign up to your newsletter, to your web site’s contact form
  • Ensure that your newsletter has an easy way of being forwarded to others. If your recipients like what you send, they’re more likely to send it on. Some of the greatest marketing is viral, and if you can hit that niche, it’s a lot less work for you!
  • Ask your colleagues, those in your broader network (especially on Facebook or Twitter) to sign up to your newsletter – and tell them why they should. Similarly, every time you get a business card from someone, it’s worthwhile asking them if they want to be added to your email list, because it’s a great way to keep in touch.

If you already have customers, don’t assume that they will all want to receive your emails. Not only does not asking them contravene the Spam Act [link to other article] but it’s just not good manners. So how do you get around it? Send them an email asking if you can have their permission – and write it like you would write an informal note to a friend.

Past customers aren’t a no-go zone, even if you think they might be. A good idea is to send them a postcard inviting them to subscribe to your list.

Think beyond subscription

A good subscription process goes beyond just getting people to subscribe. You might want to consider setting expectations. Tell your subscribers how often they can expect your emails, especially if you promise special deals, coupons, or other types of offers. It increases the chance that your emails will be opened and acted on. And if they hit the right spot, forwarded on to others.