Full Circle Feedback (FCF) is a company that specialises in some very niche areas of the human resources and management consulting field – organisational surveys, staff surveys and 360 degree feedback evaluations. The company has been a long-term client of Clever Starfish and of Dave in particular, who has looked after their custom survey software for a number of years. So when it was time to refresh the company’s branding and build a new web site, we were happy to be involved.

Mark, Maryanne and the team at FCF knew they wanted to make a big impression. They wanted a polished, professional look, but wanted to avoid the tired corporate clichés used by many of their competitors. Their new logo needed to remind their existing customers of their familiar old logo, yet be simpler, more modern, and flexible in the ways it could be used. Feedback from existing clients suggested that the strong, bold colours that FCF had always used made a memorable impression, so they wanted to stick with the general colour palette. In addition, the old site had good search engine rankings for some key terms related to FCF’s business, so maintaining that positioning was an important aspect of the new project.

We think the new logo, branding and final web site design manage to hit all of those targets. Like many sites we have built lately, this site is maintained by the FCF team using Adobe Contribute, with the news section powered by WordPress. Due to the size of the site and the wealth of information contained in it, we added a full text search. We also created a custom email newsletter template so that FCF can keep their clients up-to-date on happenings within the company. Search engine rankings have been maintained, and we’re working on an ongoing basis to keep improving the site’s search visibility.

Mark has let us know that feedback from clients about the new site has been very positive. Check it out: Full Circle Feedback – the 360 Degree Feedback Experts.