Lobo Luxe is a Perth-based designer jewellery store. Charmaine Lobo came to us for an online store to showcase the exquisite items she stocks, created by designers and metalsmiths worldwide. With a fabulous eye for quality and style, Charmaine hand-picks every item. The online store was her next step towards sharing her finds with other discerning jewellery lovers.

The new site was built in WordPress, which enables Lobo Luxe to update the site quickly and easily. And they’ve gone to it with gusto, already adding news items and specials.

The store itself is built on our own shopping cart, Tentacle. It’s fully integrated with the main site, and maintains Lobo Luxe’s elegant branding.

Offline, we also helped Lobo Luxe with print designs for gift vouchers and labels, to tie in with the store’s branded online presence.

Charmaine is so excited about her site that she’s offering all new subscribers to her newsletter the chance to win a $50 gift voucher. The winner will be announced in the store’s first ever newsletter. Sign up here and see if you’ll be the person to spoil themselves in time for Christmas.

Lobo Luxe -  Contemporary Handcrafted Jewellery