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23 Nov
Posted by Gregory

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We celebrated the last hours of Thanksgiving with Sweet Pumpkin Tea and Apple Pie! (Closest American things we had on hand in the studio.)

19 Nov
Posted by Davel

Aspenz launches delicious new website for passionate cooks

If you’re serious about cooking and live near Bunbury or Margaret River, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Aspenz before. For years they’ve been selling top-quality kitchenware and holding regular cooking classes for the chef in all of us, featuring presenters including Neil Jackson (Jacksons), Kate Lamont (Lamonts), Mark Gill (Little Creatures) and Aaron Carr (Vasse Felix).

As part of a complete brand overhaul, Aspenz asked us to create them a new online presence. The website will be added to later down the track, but in the meantime we designed a ‘holding page’ that’s crafty, a bit kitsch, and very kitchen.

A subscription form feeds straight into their HelloStarfish mailing list, which we also created an equally beautiful template for.


While a four course LaunchDinner would probably have been more appropriate, we happened to be looking at the website while deciding what sort of launch cake to get, and fixated upon the plates of macarons at the top. Very soon a trip to Jean Pierre Sancho landed us with our own plate of coloured sugary treats to enjoy.


Happy LaunchCake Aspenz—we can’t wait to start working on the next stage!

10 Nov
Posted by Jane

BezDex website showcases new, innovative reporting tool set to hit the market

The launch of the BezDex website marks the first milestone in a journey that started with the founder asking himself a single question: “How can I simplify the process of understanding whether or not property investments are performing for those that aren’t so fabulous with numbers?” The answer to this question is undoubtedly, BezDex.

The product is the brainchild of the founder, who had worked in financial planning for years and faced the daily challenge of explaining property investments and returns to clients who found the concepts hard to grasp. Also, he had witnessed many cases where planners also found it terribly hard to communicate, even if their clients had a good understanding of their portfolio.

The solution was to plan and build a way that planners can enter and store their client data easily and then enable that same solution to produce simple, visual reports.

The product is set to hit the market next month and registrations of interest for financial planners and accountants as well as people who want to be referred to businesses using BezDex can now be done through the website.


Launch Cake: Hazelnut Torta

Bezdex Launch Cake