We had the honour of reworking the website for the Perth International Jazz Festival in 2021. As with most of our projects, we started scoping the project to identify who the audience was, what they needed to achieve on the website and then put together a site that met those needs.

It was clear from the get go that the brand needed to focus on a broad audience festival goers and not just Jazz lovers. They also needed to avoid deterring Jazz lovers, artists, supporters, advocates and Jazz venues.

It needed to be clear, easy to search, showcase the artists, let people ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the music for everyone. It needed to be better than all the other festival websites!

In the end it was clear we needed to provide the following for the audience;

  • showcase the events, artists and venues;
  • promotes partners and supporters, who helped to bring the festival to life
  • provides helpful information from booking to the day of the festival
  • fits within a modest budget; and
  • facilitates the purchase of tickets from third party suppliers.

For the client, we also needed to;

  • make content management simple and easy for them
  • automate and simplify content entry and management where possible – as their team are on the ground – many of them actually being involved in the acts, bands and venue management.
  • build a site that is easy to augment for various stages: between festivals, pre-festival ticket sales, during the festival and post-festival wrap up)
  • give enough flexibility that they could do ad hoc events between the major annual festival.