2023 – New website set to launch this month!

2015 – Establishing a contemporary presence online

We’ve worked closely with Crime Stoppers WA for since 2014.

Their initial launch aimed to build a strong foundation website they could manage themselves.

To ensure a successful outcome for their website, we spend time on working out what was needed for their online reporting form (and application) and what the best methods were for regular campaign messaging such as Crime Stoppers Week, Operation Roam, Dob In A Dealer and The Graffiti Action Challenge. We also needed to retain all the hard work done o the open cases section, which had proven highly successful as helping solve crimes since inception.

Together, we identified the following requirements:

  • to establish their position as a not-for-profit organisation
  • clearly explain who they are and what they do, as the general community perception is that Crime Stoppers WA is owned and run by WA Police, which is not the case.
  • clearly explain the kind of crimes Crime Stoppers specialise in preventing and solving alongside the relevant authorities (eg. WA Police, National Police)
  • define crime and provide prevention tips.
  • provide a clear pathway to the online reporting form and explain when it should be used.
  • make reporting phone number easily accessible and educate users on when to use it
  • increase opportunities for community to engage with Crime Stoppers as a volunteer or advocate or sponsor
  • increase exposure for sponsors across the site
  • Ensure the site worked across all devices.
  • Ensure the brand ispositioned to communicate directly with community members in Western Australia.
  • encourage action from the community by reporting suspicious activity
  • encourage action from the community by reporting information that relates to the open cases.
  • encourage participation from kids in school years 7, 8 and 9 via the competition entry

Our overarching recommendation was to build a website, develop a content strategy and run a number of direct marketing initiatives to their key target markets. We also encouraged them to educate key stakeholders in how to better push the community to the online form in addition to the phone number for reporting crime.

We hold regular WIP (Work-in-Progress) meetings to ensure that all work is completely in a timely manner and no opportunity is missed. We review site visits, goal conversions and possible new opportunities for partnerships.

This close relationship has paid dividends for Crime Stoppers WA, who have seen a huge increase in website visits, online reports and community support.

This website was awarded a finalist in the Australian Web Awards and Winner in the WA Web Awards.