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19 Mar
Posted by Jane

Seeking new starfish!

We are currently looking for a new Digital Account Manager – could this be you?

16 Mar
Posted by Jane

long hair, mullet, rat’s tail, mohawk, gone!

This week has come to an end with a good old hair shaving story! Adam, one of our programmers here decided it was time for a change and put himself forward for the World’s Greatest Shave! He was a late bloomer, only just registering last week but still managed to raise $177. Nice job! Needless to say, I am sure having the undivided attention of all the girls in the office would have been nothing but a bonus, right Adam?

9 Mar
Posted by Jane

Design responsively, people!

We promised our fabulous client/friend/social guru/roving blogger for the week, Joe Millward, who is over at SXSW that we would make him a video demonstrating responsive design. Here you go, man… We hope it helps to prevent losing your voice by the end of the conference.

If you are all about HD, go here.