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17 Sep
Posted by Clever Starfish

Cruising on the open seas

Openseas came to Clever Starfish with a crazy idea: they wanted to build the most comprehensive cruise web site in Australia. They wanted a web site that listed not only every available cruise, but each ship, each ship’s cabins, decks, activities, entertainment and dining facilities, and every itinerary and price.

We love a challenge, so we took their data files – four different cruise lines supply six spreadsheet files each – and put together a system that lets Openseas staff easily import the latest pricing and availability from their suppliers’ files, and maintain the text and images from each area of the site online.

It was a massive undertaking but we’re very happy with the end result – a great looking web site that is easily the most complete cruise site in the country. We know that Openseas are happy too, and are busily planning the features they want to add for stage 2!

Openseas Online Cruises

4 Sep
Posted by Clever Starfish

Site for a great cause: Kathmandu Kids

When Paul Cummings from long-time Starfish client Phenomenon Event Services approached us about donating a web site to a great cause, we were more than happy to be involved. Through the Sunrise Children’s Charity, the group is trying to raise $15,000, which will be used to send 104 slum kids from Kathmandu to school for a year. Paul and some mates will be travelling to Nepal to deliver around 80kg of clothes for the kids as well.

A fundraising quiz night is being held to aid the cause, on September 14 at Carnegies in Perth. Tickets are available now. The Clever Starfish team will be going along – so why not come too? Are you smarter than a Starfish? There’s only one way to find out…

Kathmandu Kids