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26 Nov
Posted by Clever Starfish

New look for Youth Music

Clever Starfish are pleased to unveil our latest FarCry-powered site for the Western Australian Youth Music Association (WAYMA).

WAYMA is the non-profit organisation behind youth ensembles such as the WA Youth Orchestra (WAYO) and the WA Youth Chorale. Each year, more than 500 music students participate in the eight ensembles, putting on concerts for audiences throughout the year.

From the redesign, WAYMA wanted a funkier, cooler look better appeal to their target audience of young people. Clever Starfish designer Levi picked a dark background and lots of bright blues, greens and oranges for the design, and drew on WAYMA’s vast archive of amazing photos.

The FarCry content management system allows WAYMA staff to update every last area of content on the site and maintain their numerous photo galleries, as well as keep the event calendar current.

At Clever Starfish, we’re big supporters of the arts – other 2008 projects include the Perth International Arts Festival, the Perth Theatre Company and the St George Cathedral Sculpture Commission Project. We think WAYMA do a great job helping to develop the next generation of musicians and hope the new site makes their lives just a little bit easier!

12 Nov
Posted by Dave

Sophie Kyron Jewellery, simply gorgeous

The latest project to leave our office and go into the big wide world is the Sophie Kyron Jewellery web site.

Sophie is an amazing designer and creator of stunning jewellery pieces, well known in the fashion industry. Her designs have been worn by models and actors all over the world, and the new site lets everyone see and purchase the latest collection pieces.

From the start of the project, we had to make sure that the site design was clean an unobtrusive – to make the jewellery the centrepiece. The bright and vibrant colours used by Sophie in her designs really stand out, and gives the whole site a warm feel.

Rounding out the extensive online catalogue & shop, the site also has news articles about the latest products, editorials from publications around the world, and image galleries featuring the collection photo shoots.

Visit our blog about the rejuvenation of the site in 2012 here.