The Grubb Hub wanted to offer a brand new concept to WA and brought this exciting challenge to us! We helped them develop a website and back end fulfilment system that enabled the WA market to order fresh and healthy meals, sandwiches, salads, snacks and drinks online with free delivery.

Entrepreneurs, Ashley and Carlo, saw that there is a gap in the current market that serviced food to industrial focused businesses. Having come from hospitality and service backgrounds, they were keen to tap into this market.

We helped them to plan their digital needs for the first 12 months, which included; website, online fulfillment system (orders and delivery), brand strategy, marketing strategy, email marketing plan and training on how to run the website and the fulfillment system.

As with anyone moving to eCommerce, there was also the need to run some workshops on what to consider and how to best manage the customer journey from the home page to the completion of an order.
The product range continues to evolve, with seasonal changes to the menu. The Grubb Hub offer a solid range of healthy lunches including fresh sandwiches, quinoa salads, super-food ingredients (such as: nuts and chia seeds), protein balls or bars, cold press juices and water.

The customised checkout process begins with Sandwiches and is designed to guide the customer through the other combo options – salads, snacks and drinks – much like the process you would get in a physical store. However, the customer doesn’t need to visit any of these pages if they don’t wish –  there is no hard sell, the prompts are subtle.

The original business concept was aimed at encouraging customers in an office environment to make an order for themselves, as well as their workmates, with the option of assigning a name to each product.

The business is currently taking a break to plan their next step. We can’t wait to see the next evolution!