Plan the work. Work the plan.

“Plan the work. Work the Plan” is a maxim at the core of many successful projects. A solid plan qualifies good decisions and filters poor assumptions. It sets out expectations and manages unexpected changes. It measures progress and success. It provides a forum to balance stakeholder objectives with end user needs.

Building a successful website project is analogous to building a house. Many decisions must be made on prior to the first brick being laid.

Our most successful projects are built around this maxim.

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Here’s what one of our clients had to say recently on Google Reviews;

a bunch of talented visionary individuals who created our aRCHie client portal system from scratch. The early part of the scoping process was intense and at the time I was impatient…..but it was totally necessary…when the final product was delivered to us. The excellent work Clever Starfish has done is immeasurable for our business – aRCHie is now our selling point and generating revenue which I did not see would happen. RCH Contracts is an avid fan and we are continuing the journey with Clever Starfish as our business grows.

James Green, RCH Contracting