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28 Sep
Posted by Kay

Zoo Studio is totally wild

Animal photographer Ken Drake, one of Clever Starfish’s first clients, was recently featured on Channel Ten’s Totally Wild TV show.

The show sent cameras to capture a typical puppy photo session – as his partner, marketing whiz Beck describes it, “lots of fun, laughs and playtime… oh and of course a few puppy wees”.

Check out the four minute clip here on Zoo Studio’s site.

26 May
Posted by Kay

Good use of Facebook: Zoo Studio

Ken and Beck Drake from Zoo Studio are long-time Starfish clients – in fact, Ken’s previous web site gave us our first WA Web Award back in 2007, although sadly that site is no longer online after the business expanded and rebranded.

Ken is an amazing photographer who specialises in pets, while Beck handles marketing for their Brisbane-based studio. One tool that they are using particularly well is Facebook. As of today, Zoo Studio’s Facebook page has over 450 fans – and it’s no surprise really, because who doesn’t like looking at gorgeous photographs of cute puppies and kittens?

I asked Beck how she important Facebook is to Zoo Studio’s marketing strategy, and she had a lot to say on the topic.

“Facebook is a valuable marketing tool for Zoo Studio and an important component in our overall marketing strategy. It has become an significant asset for lead generation, keeping in touch with clients and is helping to build our brand personality. Customers are becoming more demanding, more discerning, more informed, and Facebook (managed correctly) is a great way for us to build our brand experiences, create ‘talkability’ and let our clients do the selling for us.”

The key aspect to success with Facebook, as Beck alludes to, is management. Having a sad and lonely Facebook page that doesn’t get posted to or promoted is worse than not having one at all. Beck posts news and photos to Zoo Studio’s Facebook page on a daily basis, and responds to the comments that people post – which is absolutely the best way to build buzz around the Zoo Studio brand on Facebook.

Zoo Studio join up their web site and Facebook presences by cross-linking, and including a Facebook widget on their web site. This widget shows the latest posts as well as the number of fans and some of their avatars.

Check out Zoo Studio on Facebook

29 Aug
Posted by Clever Starfish

Gorgeous animal photos at Zoo Studio

Clever Starfish has had a long association with photographer Ken Drake – Ken’s original Starfish-designed web site took out the Small Business category in the 2007 WA Web Awards.

His new venture Zoo Studio highlights his new direction, pet photography. Ken takes amazing photos of cats, dogs, rabbits (and the occasional bird) – and the results, coupled with beautiful finishing and framing, are truly works of art.

For the new site, Ken wanted to use big images (and lots of them!) to really capture the quality of his work. We built a custom gallery application to show off the photos, with a management system to allow Ken to update the gallery whenever required.

The next step will be to send the Starfish cats off for their very own glamour shoot!

Visit the site: Zoo Studio Pet Photography