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25 May
Posted by Gregory

Kirk Hille Photography celebrates new site!

Kirk Hille is celebrating the launch of his new site! Congratulations Kirk on the new website and your excellent photos!

Kirk Hille Website snap shot

Launch cake for this website: Carrot Cake

Kirk Hille Launch Cake

16 May
Posted by Gregory

Society Photography Launches New Site

We are very pleased to announce the long awaited launch of Society Photography‘s new website. This head turning site privileges David Stowe‘s beautiful photography as full background banners within the sites interface. Well done David for the excellent photos and special thank you to Levi Buzolic for the initial design. Brilliant.


Our Launch cake for this site : French Lemon Tart

16 May
Posted by Jane

New Sophie Kyron site goes mobile

We are excited to announce the relaunch the new look Sophie Kyron site. Of course, with our love of responsiveness – we felt it was imperative to get this site optimised to work on tablets and phones, as you can see below.

This website features an upgraded Tentacle for the online store component  (the site won the Australian Web Awards for the old site) complete with inbuilt voucher generators and sales modules. It also seamlessly connects to StarfishSend to easily manage subscriptions and e-newsletters.


Special thanks to Milkable, who designed the new logo and took fabulous photos for their products under the guidance of Jayde here at CS HQ.

28 Feb
Posted by Jane

COMVERJ connects trucks and loads for their client LoadLink

Over the last few months, we have been working with COMVERJ on an innovative new online business for one of their clients, that brings truck drivers and businesses/individuals together to transport products whilst saving money!

The name and brand for LoadLink was developed by COMVERJ and the fresh-looking website is the work of their talented designers Yakub and Harley. Our team got involved to help ‘nerd it up’ with the WordPressing of the site and the development of a Tentacle system that helps to match trucks with potential loads. This project is still in early testing so we will let you know when its open to the public.

We love collaborations! GO team!

19 Jan
Posted by The Creative Team

Sophie Kyron’s new site: Sneak Peek

Sophie approached us today to give her Facebook fans a sneak peek of her website currently in development. How could we refuse when we’re just as excited as they are are about this new look!

We are very proud to be offered the chance to rejuvenate a site that we originally launched in 2008. You can check out our original blog here.

One of the most exciting things about the new design is that is is a responsive design. In essence, this means that the website has inbuilt smarts and actually optimizes itself for the screen you are using. Gone are the days of squinting at your smartphone on the train or at the beach.

The site still uses a combination of WordPress and our very own Tentacle, as it did back in 2008 – but these have just been tweaked and upgraded. We have also added a spoonful of social so that you can let us know what you are loving and sharing with your friends. There are more surprises too, but we don’t want to reveal everything!

The upcoming range is just getting added to the new site. Here are some snaps on our iPhone as we took the product photos. Let’s hope Sophie doesn’t mind us sharing those with you too! To be the first to know when the new site is up be sure to sign up for the newsletter on her current site.

For those of you who aren’t on her Facebook, you can find it here.

7 Dec
Posted by Jane

New Site Launched for Clever Starfish

Ok, so we look sorta different… but don’t you think it was time we matched the outside to the inside?

Our new site features the latest projects we have launched with details included for the features that are not always possible to showcase from the front-end. It is a responsive design that morphs to fit a PC, tablet or phone.

Our blog will continue to feature articles on the most-asked questions we get and projects will be featured as we launch them to showcase the amazing clients we get to work with every day.

1 Dec
Posted by Kay

Launched! Lobo Luxe online designer jewellery store

Lobo Luxe is a Perth-based designer jewellery store. Charmaine Lobo came to us for an online store to showcase the exquisite items she stocks, created by designers and metalsmiths worldwide. With a fabulous eye for quality and style, Charmaine hand-picks every item. The online store was her next step towards sharing her finds with other discerning jewellery lovers.

The new site was built in WordPress, which enables Lobo Luxe to update the site quickly and easily. And they’ve gone to it with gusto, already adding news items and specials.

The store itself is built on our own shopping cart, Tentacle. It’s fully integrated with the main site, and maintains Lobo Luxe’s elegant branding.

Offline, we also helped Lobo Luxe with print designs for gift vouchers and labels, to tie in with the store’s branded online presence.

Charmaine is so excited about her site that she’s offering all new subscribers to her newsletter the chance to win a $50 gift voucher. The winner will be announced in the store’s first ever newsletter. Sign up here and see if you’ll be the person to spoil themselves in time for Christmas.

Lobo Luxe -  Contemporary Handcrafted Jewellery

14 Sep
Posted by Kay

New web site for Matt Dixon

We’ve done a few web sites for his peers around Australia, but landscape photographer Matt Dixon is a little different – he’s actually a qualified chef with 16 years experience, so it’s no surprise that he specialises in food photography as well.

Matt Dixon’s new site is built with a combination of WordPress and our custom gallery management system, Tentacle. Matt’s landscape galleries contain images available for purchase as prints, in a number of sizes and framed or unframed – including some limited editions. Payments are handled by eWAY.

The food galleries, which show off Matt’s portfolio of images only, use a different navigation system to the usual, with sideways scrolling thumbnails, and inline large images rather than the “lightbox” effect which a lot of photographers favour at the moment.

Matt Dixon Images – Landscape and Food Photography

22 Jul
Posted by Kay

Frankland Estate–now with online ordering

Hunter Smith from Frankland Estate initially was put in contact with us for our email newsletter product, Starfish Send. We built an email version of the winery’s print newsletter, meaning they can now build and send the newsletters in-house – and at a fraction of the cost of the hard copy version.

Frankland Estate’s web site was designed with their other branding materials by First Nature Design, and handed off to a third party web developer for implementation – but the online version of the First Nature team’s vision was never quite right. In addition, there was no content management system, and manual updates from the developer were taking far too long.

We adjusted the web site to better match the original design, moved it to a Fasthit hosting account, and put it into the WordPress content management system. We also added our Tentacle product management system to manage the wines, with secure order form processing handled by eWAY.

Frankland Estate Winery

20 Jul
Posted by Kay

Site launch: a whole new web site for Jaylon

The existing web site for manufacturing company Jaylon had been around for quite a few years, and unfortunately had some problems which made Jaylon’s online marketing efforts difficult. Bill Rees – on the recommendation of Sophie Kyron – came to us for a new site, not only with an updated look, but with better navigation and a search engine friendly structure. And of course, a content management system to allow staff at Jaylon to keep the site fresh and up to date.

We built a new site using WordPress as a backend, along with our own custom product management system Tentacle for the tarpaulins section of the site. The content – many, many pages of it – was carefully moved over to the new structure, and a set of redirects put in place to ensure that any bookmarks, links or search engine results are maintained. While Jaylon’s email is handled internally and the domain name is managed by iiNet, the web site is hosted by Fasthit.

We think the end result looks very striking, and we know there’s a ton of great information backing it up on all of the different areas that Jaylon works in, from stationery to horticultural plastics to health care products to ventilation ducting and more!

Jaylon – leaders in geosynthetic solutions

29 Apr
Posted by Kay

Why Write It? Why indeed!

David Wilson came to Clever Starfish to help realise his business idea – a one stop shop for business training resources, materials and courseware on safety, project management, sales, human resource management, and dozens of other topics. Why Write It offers high quality materials that companies can customise and use for their own purposes without complicated licensing.

We created the logo and branding along with a web site powered by WordPress for general content management and our own Tentacle product management system for orders and managed product downloads. Customers can choose to view prices in US dollars, Australian dollars or UK pounds, and payments are handled by PayPal. It’s all hosted by Fasthit, and Judd Exley of Jex Analytics is taking care of search engine optimisation for the site.

Why Write It – Training materials, resources and courseware

28 Apr
Posted by Kay

Video tutorials for landscape photographers from Rubbing Pixels

We’ve done quite a few web sites for landscape photographers in the past year or so… but this one is a little bit different! Matt Lauder’s specialty is creating video tutorials on Photoshop and Lightroom software techniques for landscape photographers of all skill levels. New tutorials are added weekly, and several levels of subscription are offered as well as some free tutorials to whet customers’ appetites.

The sites uses WordPress for general content management and our Tentacle product management system for subscriptions and managing the tutorials, as well as our Starfish Send newsletter system. Payments are processed by PayPal or eWAY, depending on the customer’s preference. Videos are hosted on Amazon’s S3 cloud hosting service, which delivers great performance, and as it works on a “on demand” basis, it’s very cost effective.

We really love the way this site turned out, and we’re sure it will be a huge hit with all the great content from Matt and his other contributors.

Rubbing Pixels – Landscape photography video tutorials