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16 May
Posted by Jane

New Sophie Kyron site goes mobile

We are excited to announce the relaunch the new look Sophie Kyron site. Of course, with our love of responsiveness – we felt it was imperative to get this site optimised to work on tablets and phones, as you can see below.

This website features an upgraded Tentacle for the online store component  (the site won the Australian Web Awards for the old site) complete with inbuilt voucher generators and sales modules. It also seamlessly connects to StarfishSend to easily manage subscriptions and e-newsletters.


Special thanks to Milkable, who designed the new logo and took fabulous photos for their products under the guidance of Jayde here at CS HQ.

26 Apr
Posted by Jane

sites that work across all devices

According to Michael Walton from Nielsen Pacific, half the phones in Australia are now smart phones. For people under 34, 7 out of 10 use smart phones. Within a year it is expected that 2 out of 3 people will be using smart phones.

It is fact that smart phones really are changing the way people are accessing information and websites. To see how we are ensuring our clients are ahead of the curve ball, visit the responsive section of our projects page. To get an understanding of what responsive design is, go here.

2 Apr
Posted by Jane

CSS award in Milkable’s first week

Our new website for Milkable has made it onto the CSS Design Awards before we even had the chance to blog that it is live! For those who didn’t read it on our Twitter, we are proud to have been able to work with the talented Yakub Erogul and bring his site to life, complete with a flying cow! Check it out on your computer, mobile device or phone and let us know what you think…

9 Mar
Posted by Jane

Design responsively, people!

We promised our fabulous client/friend/social guru/roving blogger for the week, Joe Millward, who is over at SXSW that we would make him a video demonstrating responsive design. Here you go, man… We hope it helps to prevent losing your voice by the end of the conference.

If you are all about HD, go here.


24 Feb
Posted by Jane

a client says “we need a mobile site!” and the starfish replies “we agree!”

We are getting asked more and more about developing sites suitable for mobiles, which is fantastic! Did you know that is doesn’t have to be its own dedicated site these days?

I have worked in digital since a phone was quite a large bricky Nokia that had a one-colour screen. I remember when viewing a website on a phone would have been laughable and impossible. I also remember when mobile sites started to take off and clients needed to create a second version that required all the content to be edited separately to your regular site.

It would have been about a year ago when I was discussing this problem with a very talented designer/developer hybrid friend…  He showed me a site that shrunk to fit the screen size – folding down as you pulled the corner in. It was very exciting and spurred the “we can do that too!”… and we did!

About 7 months ago we teamed up with our open-minded client, Wild Lily Empire, and went on the journey of designing and developing what we call a “responsive” website. We build them with WordPress and e-commerce capabilities.

We haven’t looked back since. Yep, even our site is responsive … Pull the right hand corner in to check it out.

Do you want a mobile site?

19 Jan
Posted by The Creative Team

Sophie Kyron’s new site: Sneak Peek

Sophie approached us today to give her Facebook fans a sneak peek of her website currently in development. How could we refuse when we’re just as excited as they are are about this new look!

We are very proud to be offered the chance to rejuvenate a site that we originally launched in 2008. You can check out our original blog here.

One of the most exciting things about the new design is that is is a responsive design. In essence, this means that the website has inbuilt smarts and actually optimizes itself for the screen you are using. Gone are the days of squinting at your smartphone on the train or at the beach.

The site still uses a combination of WordPress and our very own Tentacle, as it did back in 2008 – but these have just been tweaked and upgraded. We have also added a spoonful of social so that you can let us know what you are loving and sharing with your friends. There are more surprises too, but we don’t want to reveal everything!

The upcoming range is just getting added to the new site. Here are some snaps on our iPhone as we took the product photos. Let’s hope Sophie doesn’t mind us sharing those with you too! To be the first to know when the new site is up be sure to sign up for the newsletter on her current site.

For those of you who aren’t on her Facebook, you can find it here.

7 Dec
Posted by Jane

New Site Launched for Clever Starfish

Ok, so we look sorta different… but don’t you think it was time we matched the outside to the inside?

Our new site features the latest projects we have launched with details included for the features that are not always possible to showcase from the front-end. It is a responsive design that morphs to fit a PC, tablet or phone.

Our blog will continue to feature articles on the most-asked questions we get and projects will be featured as we launch them to showcase the amazing clients we get to work with every day.