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13 Jun
Posted by Davel
17 Dec
Posted by Davel

Greensense launches refreshed website

Greensense are an environmental consultancy who are trying to help reduce the environmental impact of buildings and cities. Starting from an office in Perth a few years ago, they now have another office in Melbourne and clients all around Australia. To better showcase their growing business, we re-designed and built a new website featuring a special case study section and friendlier blog layout.


They are very active bloggers, and wanted a new site to showcase their software technologies, projects, and of course their considerably large blog archives.


The site features a case study section where product features can be assigned from one master content section—rather than having to enter the same things every time.


While it would have made (green)sense to get an apple pie for LaunchCake, in Summer, a giant strawberry tart from Jean Claude Patisserie is pretty hard to pass up. Several Starfishes agreed this was the best LaunchCake so far, and as a bona-fide strawberry addict, I’m going to say it was rather flantastic.

18 Mar
Posted by Kay

Making web sense with Greensense

Knowing that we specialise in WordPress web sites, our good friends at Eduka passed this lead along. Greensense are a local environmental consultancy who had been using a WordPress blog that they had set up themselves for a couple of years. The content on the Greensense blog is a textbook-perfect example of how corporate blogging should be done – regular, timely and topical posts that are both informative and interesting. However, the free theme that the site was using for look and feel wasn’t meeting the company’s needs, so Fabian and Peter decided it was time their web site got a facelift, along with some professional copywriting for their corporate information pages. That’s where Clever Starfish came in.

We designed a new WordPress theme for Greensense, and helped them make their WordPress installation search engine friendly and easier for them to manage. We also worked with their chosen copywriter to work just the right amount of text into the design. The end result is simple and quite subtle but suits the feel of the company perfectly. We also set them up with our Starfish Send newsletter system, which allows easy subscription management and beautiful branded email newsletters.

If you’re interested in climate change or just want to see an example of good corporate blogging, check out the Greensense web site and blog.