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4 Mar
Posted by Jane

Diabetic Foot Australia kicks into action

We are proud to announce the launch of the Diabetic Foot Australia website. This project is a key initiative of the Wound Management Innovation CRC and aims to address the silent epidemic of diabetic foot ulcers via a national clinical research diabetic foot network.


The Queensland-based team selected Clever Starfish because we have extensive experience in the health sector and due to the success of working with local providers in their network. We loved working with this team and as expected, distance was no problem thanks to Skype.

The site has only recently gone live but is still in early stages so stay tuned and be sure to sign up to their mailing list.

You can visit their site here: https://diabeticfootaustralia.org/

10 Oct
Posted by Jane

Clever Starfish receives WA Web Award for Just In Time Gourmet and makes finals for the Australian Web Awards

On Wednesday night, some of the gang here strolled down from our new office in Money Street (moving in party coming soon!) to enjoy the Australian Web Awards State event. It’s a great opportunity to say hello to our peers, competitors and friends – something which is a bit of a rarity, making this night a not-to-miss event. It never fails to reaffirm the ever-increasing standard of award-winning websites in WA!

We had 6 sites up for awards including Fly By Night and My Emporium featured below, all of which we are very proud – something that we celebrated before heading to the awards.


My Emporium

It was just icing on the #LaunchCake to win an e-commerce award for Just in Time Gourmet!

Just In Time Gourmet Website

You can read all about it in our launch blog for the site, when you have a moment.

The spread of recipients was broader this year (which was great!) and included Hancock Creative, Bam Creative, Juicebox Creative, Longtail, The WA Museum, Humaan, Clarity Communications, Tom Oliver and Jesse Yuen.

Although winning an award on the night is great recognition for the work we are putting out, we still find the biggest reward is feedback from the client that the site has made the impact we planned together, which in this case included the following;

For the Just In Time Gourmet customers

  • increased efficiency for searching and finding products and hampers
  • fuss-free and error-free ordering of loose products and pre-made hampers
  • the ability to add more than one recipient address to an order
  • the ability for a customer to build their own hamper
  • all of the above to be simple, easy and intuitive on a phone, tablet or computer

For the Just In Time Gourmet team

  • easy management of orders and streamlined payment processes
  • easy syncing of products and orders with MYOB
  • flexible and fuss-free management of products, categories and product features
  • enjoyment not pain, when doing anything with the site
  • build in SEO-friendly layout with flexible and easily-editable content

To hear their thoughts on the website and experience with us, check out their blog,  “Congratulations Clever Starfish”.

3 Oct
Posted by Haley

Style Mecca’s Hot Online Fashion Store – Launch Day!


We’re super excited to launch the Style Mecca website today. Featuring an all Australian lineup of designers, including: Alessa, Anu, First Base, Sara Phillips and White Suede, Style Mecca celebrates Australian fashion!

With a background in marketing and a passion for fashion, Eloise brings a wealth of enthusiasm to the online market, engaging with socially savvy women on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Style Mecca has already captured an enviable pool of social followers – even before the site was live.

Our designer created a beautifully modern canvas to showcase Style Mecca’s unique designer brands. The website is a fantastic port of call for keeping up with the latest fashion trends in the blog, otherwise simply sign up and newsletters can come to you. The site wouldn’t be a great little online store without our very own Tentacle system – a full e-commerce facility that is harmoniously linked in with WordPress.

We have no doubts that Style Mecca will continue to share her fashion inspirations in a digital marketplace. Join the social clubs, shop online and keep up to date with the latest fashion trends by following Style Mecca.



15 Oct
Posted by Jayde

The Seventh Duchess Tea Launches Their Amazing Range of Tea

You may have seen an earlier post of ours giving a sneak peak of The Seventh Duchess website. We were so excited we couldn’t wait and just had to share its progress! We are now even more excited to announce the well anticipated launch of their online store.

We definitely wanted to be a part of making this amazing tea range available to those both near and far. It. Is. Delicious.

Launch Cake : Orange Tea Cake and Crème Brûlée from The Boatshed in Cottesloe :

As we mentioned before, this website has a full e-commerce facility using our own system Tentacle, linked in with WordPress. Seventh Duchess use Xero so our plan is to integrate the invoicing and receipting as soon as Eway get hooked up with Xero in the coming months.

30 Aug
Posted by Jayde

Casey Smith Photography launches snappy new site!

We are very happy to launch Casey Smith Photography’s new site today! The site features our brand new Room View which incorporates 3D rendered backgrounds. Check it out here. Casey is an accomplished  photographer who travels around Australia extensively, capturing the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape. We just love having such talented clients :)

Launch Cake : Lemon Meringue

16 May
Posted by Jane

New Sophie Kyron site goes mobile

We are excited to announce the relaunch the new look Sophie Kyron site. Of course, with our love of responsiveness – we felt it was imperative to get this site optimised to work on tablets and phones, as you can see below.

This website features an upgraded Tentacle for the online store component  (the site won the Australian Web Awards for the old site) complete with inbuilt voucher generators and sales modules. It also seamlessly connects to StarfishSend to easily manage subscriptions and e-newsletters.


Special thanks to Milkable, who designed the new logo and took fabulous photos for their products under the guidance of Jayde here at CS HQ.

19 Jan
Posted by The Creative Team

Sophie Kyron’s new site: Sneak Peek

Sophie approached us today to give her Facebook fans a sneak peek of her website currently in development. How could we refuse when we’re just as excited as they are are about this new look!

We are very proud to be offered the chance to rejuvenate a site that we originally launched in 2008. You can check out our original blog here.

One of the most exciting things about the new design is that is is a responsive design. In essence, this means that the website has inbuilt smarts and actually optimizes itself for the screen you are using. Gone are the days of squinting at your smartphone on the train or at the beach.

The site still uses a combination of WordPress and our very own Tentacle, as it did back in 2008 – but these have just been tweaked and upgraded. We have also added a spoonful of social so that you can let us know what you are loving and sharing with your friends. There are more surprises too, but we don’t want to reveal everything!

The upcoming range is just getting added to the new site. Here are some snaps on our iPhone as we took the product photos. Let’s hope Sophie doesn’t mind us sharing those with you too! To be the first to know when the new site is up be sure to sign up for the newsletter on her current site.

For those of you who aren’t on her Facebook, you can find it here.

8 Jul
Posted by Kay

Survey reveals that social networks can grow your revenue

Do you run a small business that is primarily online, but isn’t taking advantage of social networks? You might want to rethink your strategy because a new survey has found that social networks can help you gain greater revenue returns.

In the past week, the inaugural  Melbourne IT eBiz Review was released. This review polled over 3000 Australian small and medium businesses with an online presence. And what it found was that 53% of businesses that embrace social media were able to generate 20% or more of their revenue directly through their web sites. Only 38% of non-social media businesses polled achieved the same thing.

If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you could well be missing out on social media benefits.

Before you rush into setting up a Facebook page, or a Twitter account, however, think carefully. As with any other form of marketing, you need to think about how a social media strategy fits into your overall marketing mix. If in doubt – get advice or help! Because it’s social media, you need to be social: active in your network, spending time building rapport, and working out the best way to interact with your fans or followers.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use your online presence to greater advantage, contact us.

1 Jun
Posted by Kay

The importance of having personality

Last week I got an email from Zazz, the online store that sells a different item every day, often at crazy discounted prices. I’d ordered something small a few days beforehand, and the email was to let me know that my item was going to be delayed.

What was different about this email, however, was the way they broke the bad news:

Regretfully I inform you that delivery of your USB warming gloves has been delayed. You see, our delivery driver had been hijacked on the South Gippsland highway by a bunch of alien invaders. 

Thankfully the driver’s truck was left untouched and we have managed to locate it outside Koo Wee Rup. In further good news we have found a replacement driver who is delivering our gloves to us as we speak. 

Rest assured our thoughts are with the original driver’s family and we hope the aliens release him back to earth in a timely manner after they have finished with their probes. 

It is an unfortunate situation that we have little control over but we can guarantee that your gloves will be with you very soon now. If you could say a little prayer for our delivery driver that would be awesome.

So while I was disappointed that I’d have to wait for my item to be delivered – its getting cold here in Perth! – I couldn’t help laughing at the explanation they had for me. It got me thinking about other experiences I’d had with online stores, and realise the importance of showing personality. I certainly won’t forget how Zazz handled what could have been a potentially unpleasant situation!

Does your site have personality?

23 Mar
Posted by Kay

Pipani store launches

Our newest online shop was designed by the lovely people at Comverj, and it’s as cute as a button! Pipani is a new Western Australian company specialising in clothing for women and children who dress modestly for religious reasons, but don’t want to look frumpy and boring.

The sites uses a combination of a WordPress-powered backend for content management, and our own Tentacle product management system for the shopping cart. Payments are processed in real time by eWAY, and it’s all hosted by the helpful people at Fasthit.

Pipani Online Clothing Store

1 Dec
Posted by Kay

New Webshop for Wild Lily Empire

We’re proud to be working with another of Perth’s top marketing agencies – Comverj – this time to launch the gorgeous online shop for Wild Lily Empire.

Wild Lily Empire’s new online store joins physical stores in Leederville and Nedlands in offering beautiful jewellery, bags, homewares and gifts, beauty products and more to buyers not only in Perth, but Australia-wide.

The site implements Comverj’s elegant design on a WordPress backend for easy content maintenance, with Clever Starfish’s own product management system (Tentacle) powering the store and secure, instant online credit card payments with eWAY.

Now we just have to keep ourselves from buying everything!

We have rejuvenated their store. Click here to view the latest blog x o x

2 Oct
Posted by Kay

BuroShop’s new brand launches

Buro management consultants specialise in great ideas – and sometimes they come up with great ones for themselves! The BuroShop’s showcase of beautiful bags and fashion accessories has been growing so fast that Buro founder Fiona Kalaf decided it was time to launch it into a whole new brand: HoneyHoney.

A new identity for HoneyHoney was created by The Globe, and the gorgeous logo they came up with is even getting international attention, featuring in the book Logo Lounge 5: 2000 international identities by leading designers. Congratulations guys!

We created the web site and online store, designed to deliver the same great shopping experience as the BuroShop, but with extra room for more gorgeous things – like exclusive pinchandspoon textile necklaces and Mi handbags from Buenos Aires.

Check it out: HoneyHoney