The St George’s Cathedral Sculpture Project has launched! This exciting art commission invites artists from around Australia and around the world to submit concepts for a sculpture, which once commissioned will be positioned in front of the newly restored St George’s Cathedral, on St George’s Terrace in the centre of Perth’s CBD.

Clever Starfish built the web site for the project, and we’re excited to be involved with something that will have such a lasting impact on the landscape of our city.

For this project, Clever Starfish designer Levi Buzolic took a range of photographs around the Cathedral, including some fantastic panoramas of the grounds. These were used in the masthead Flash animation, along with video messages from the Dean, Dr John Shepherd (on the home page), and the Lord Mayor Perth, Lisa Scaffidi (on the About Perth page). The end result is very striking!

Once the initial concepts have been received, the submitted images will be displayed on the site and will be open to a public vote. You can sign up to the Sculpture Project Newsletter (on the right hand side of each page on the site, towards the bottom) to be notified when voting opens.