The existing web site for manufacturing company Jaylon had been around for quite a few years, and unfortunately had some problems which made Jaylon’s online marketing efforts difficult. Bill Rees – on the recommendation of Sophie Kyron – came to us for a new site, not only with an updated look, but with better navigation and a search engine friendly structure. And of course, a content management system to allow staff at Jaylon to keep the site fresh and up to date.

We built a new site using WordPress as a backend, along with our own custom product management system Tentacle for the tarpaulins section of the site. The content – many, many pages of it – was carefully moved over to the new structure, and a set of redirects put in place to ensure that any bookmarks, links or search engine results are maintained. While Jaylon’s email is handled internally and the domain name is managed by iiNet, the web site is hosted by Fasthit.

We think the end result looks very striking, and we know there’s a ton of great information backing it up on all of the different areas that Jaylon works in, from stationery to horticultural plastics to health care products to ventilation ducting and more!

Jaylon – leaders in geosynthetic solutions