Wound Healing Institute Australia’s (WHIA) purpose is to advance and promote public health by applying a holistic approach to preventing and improving the treatment and management of chronic wounds, which arise from a disease or disorder.

WHIA’s inception was facilitated by the Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre and founded on the successful WoundsWest program offered only in Western Australia (WA) through an agreement between the WA Department of Health, Silver Chain and Curtin University.

CEO, Jenny Prentice, came to us seeking support in this transition and we started the journey from ideation through to execution. It was clear that they needed a website, online learning platform and eCommerce system with shipping.

The website needed to be structured in a way that separated out the four pillars of their offering; education, wound advice, organisational support whilst also ensuring that the online store and diversity of the products was clear and accessible at all times.

The online learning platform was being moved from an outdated system to Moodle and this needed to connect to the online store so that users could be created and access to modules be enabled automatically.

The eCommerce system needed to manage the payments, automate shipping, contact the fulfillment team and email invoices and receipting.

As none of the team had run an online business before, there was plenty of planning, support, training and workshops to equip them with the skills they needed to manage the enquiries and orders that were to come as soon as the site was live. We took a pivotal role in managing the other suppliers and ensuring the process was as simple and easy as possible for WHIA.

The planning was complex but enabled us to launch a site that makes the process so simple for both the customers and the WHIA team.

Working with Clever Starfish was a great experience. They helped us to identify what we needed and guided us through the complexities of launching an online business from the moment we made an enquiry for a quote right through to the launch of our platform. They provided us with education and training that made the transition easy.


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