WA Fresh and Fruity are a new player in the sale of food online. The owners had the idea to setup a store that only offered the high grade fruit and vegetables when it is in season locally. The product is delivered to your door and quality is guaranteed.

At WA Fresh & Fruity we pride ourselves on not only offering amazingly tasty (and affordable!) fruit and vegetables but also on the personal touch we offer our customers. We want to offer the best local produce in season.

We helped them to shape their brand, with the support of one of our partner brand developers and then planned, designed and built an eCommerce website that would allow their customers to place orders and their team to execute deliveries with minimal fuss.

The services we provided included brand workshops, social media training and planning, website development and content planning.

The overall plan was to ensure that the website had a personal touch and that the content included seasonal recipes and articles that helped people to come up with ways to use their fruit and vegetables. These recipes would be coupled with articles about the damage that chemicals used by some growers can cause and why it’s important to know your growers.

The business has grown quickly and has branched out to offer ready meals and groceries.