Nico Moretti has been a Clever Starfish client since he opened the doors to his cooking school in 2002.

His classes are exceptionally fun, engaging and educational. Best of all, they are delicious.

in 2012, Nico and our team discussed the need for a fresh new site and it became clear that he was looking for something that was different to his competitors. He had no problems filling up classes but he did have a challenge finding the balance in what mix of classes to do. We explored the idea of programming a system that allowed the first customer for each date to choose the cooking classes type on a set of dates  and for others to then book in to the spare places. It would take away hours and hours of admin and mean that the classes would self-manage – freeing up more time to innovate and plan the other sides of the business – cooking tours.

At the same time, we wanted to make sure the site was easy to update and that the payments could be taken online and the administration streamlined.

if you are looking for a good night out, I would suggest you check out this hidden gem. There are still spaces available for a number of classes that can be booked online today.

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