When Nexxis came to us they had a functioning website that has been running for more than a year, with a low success rate on converting visits to customers. This needed to change.

The main way clients came to use Nexxis was by word of mouth and this was highly effective, so the business did not rely upon the website at this point. However, to enable the business to grow into new industries and acquire more equipment, they wanted to update the website to better reflect their approach, products and industry experience.

After initial discussions, it was clear that there was a disconnect and the only way forward was to reconsider the site structure, content and purpose.

We completed a brand audit and ran through their sales and product delivery in full with Nexxis. We identified the key product categories and listed the industries that these products would apply to – whether they were already successful or not. We then reviewed the processes by which the product could be obtained, specifically the options to buy, lease or hire.

With all of this in mind, we proposed a website structure that would allow;

  • industry specific landing pages – to access the products by industry relevance.
  • product category landing pages – to access the products by their type.
  • solution landing pages – for buy, hire and lease.
  • service pages – to promote the range of secondary services being offered.
  • blogs to be added in a diverse range of categories – to be filled with educational information and interesting content relating to the differences between buying, hiring or leasing.
  • a quote form that better collates the information needed to quote simply and quickly – using conditional questions based on their specific requirements.

This website is still in its first year and continual changes are being made with the support of Blue Cherry SEO and the team at Nexxis but already traffic has improved and conversions have grown. The company has experienced changes in the key industries and has a much larger team than when we first began so it’s still in early stages of evolution with more evaluation, measurement and workshops planned for the near future.