iConstruct is business information modeling (BIM) software for Autodesk Navisworks, suitable for a large range of industries worldwide. It ensures a project is as efficient and simple as possible for teams to manage and maintain from concept to completion and beyond, and is backed 24hrs a day by our support and development team.

When the client came to us, they had a site that explained the software but didn’t mention the features, have any case studies or talk about the team behind the software.

It was clear we needed to get a deeper understanding of who the software served, what the features are and understand the development road map.

We started this project with a brand audit and website audit to get a clear idea of the who, what, how and why behind the product. We also needed to understand what worked and didn’t work on the old site.

It was clear that there needed to be a content, structure and design overhaul of the website as well as support in harnessing the power of marketing and social media platforms.

We restructured the site to ensure the home page promoted the benefits and the features. We refined existing icons from the software to represent the features and made it easy to access case studies.


We added a section called the Road Map, which helps existing customers to understand the next steps being taken by the team in development. This combined with the new Knowledge Base humanises the team behind the software and clearly communicates that you are not just buying a static piece of software but software as a service with 24-7 support.

Online purchasing of the software with immediate dispatch of the serial number is currently in development and will further streamline the administration process for this growing company.

iConstruct website