Alex Cearns is a Professional Pet & Animal Photographer, Animal Advocate, Philanthropist. Public Speaker. Educator and Book Author. She has been a client of Clever Starfish for more than 8 years, when she started her business, Houndstooth Studio.

Her website was established in 2010 and since then minor changes to the logo and structure have been made, in addition to the creation of an eCommerce form for the book she sold.

Her great success is present in the images she captures – photos that truly capture the heart and soul of the animals she works with. Little change has been needed to her site to date because she simply doesn’t need to update anything due to demand.

She photographs around 1300 animals a year and supports a wide number of charities across the world. Her Facebook had over 110,000 likers at last glance and each photo captures people’s hearts.

We love working with Alex and the team and look forward to working on a new site, when the time comes.