It’s been alleged that the Clever Starfish team are a slightly quirky bunch. Some members of the team show their individuality by decorating their desks with toys, figurines and other fun things.

Starfish Dave has the err… ‘most decorated’ workstation. He has a large collection of Lego minifigs, including an army of Star Wars Stormtroopers and an opposing army of Rebel fighters. In fact, we sometimes wonder how he manages to see his screens through the rows of neatly arranged troopers. Last count: 150.

Other members of the team don’t take it to quite the same extremes. Levi keeps his desk fairly sparse, with the evil monkey from Family Guy and a Nissan GTR that we think he’s hoping will grow to a full size model if he keeps staring at it long enough. Al has a collection of Super Mario Bros figurines. Kay has tiny ponies, dried starfish and a various musical mementos including a prized set of Judas Priest teaspoons (and usually a large pile of filing).

Kristy and Uli haven’t yet caught the toy bug – but their desks (and laps) are often decorated with live cats instead. We’re not sure if that’s better or worse!