Being a hairdresser’s daughter has it’s benefits – as does having a web developer for a daughter! Kay’s mum Karla has a hairdressing salon in the Scarborough/Wembley area of Perth, so naturally her only choice for a new web site was Clever Starfish.

The web site has been around for several years now, and Karla finds that many of the phone calls from new clients that she gets come from people who have found the salon via the web site – usually because they are searching for one of the specialist products or techniques that New Look offers, such as hair straightening, hair extensions, nanokeratin treatments and ammonia-free products. The site’s strong search engine presence is due to a combination of the many pages of informative, keyword-rich text, and the length of time it has been online.

New Look Hair has made use of Clever Starfish’s copywriting partner, Leticia Supple, for some of the product and service pages – disentangling the psuedo-scientific babble that beauty and hair companies generally provide about their products can be quite a challenge, but Leticia did a great job. New Look also sends out a monthly newsletter via Starfish Send, with hair tips, special offers and news from around the salon, which anyone can sign up to on the site.

New Look Unisex Hair Salon – Scarborough/Wembley Downs