A couple of months ago, Clever Starfish built a web site for long-time client Paul Cumming and a group of his friends who were embarking on a charity mission to Nepal. A whole bunch of Clever Starfish and our colleagues from Fasthit went along to their fundraising quiz night and had a lot of fun.

The good news is that the fundraising efforts well exceeded the target $15,000 – in fact, the Kathmandu Kids team was able to raise $25,000! They’re now back from their trip, and planning to make the drive an annual event to help those slum kids keep going to school.

From Paul:

We have just returned from a trip to Nepal to see the kids that were helped so much by your generosity. We visited The Sunrise Children’s Orphanage, The Kalimati Slums and the school that we have made it possible for these kids to attend.

It was a humbling experience to be welcomed into these places. It was especially rewarding to know that our quiz night has made it possible for their education to continue. We talked with Emma Taylor about strategies for the future and how the money raised can best be put to use. I am happy to say that we have made it a commitment to make the Kathmandu Kids Quiz Night a yearly event. Details for 2010 Quiz Night will be announce early next year. I will keep you informed!

Clever Starfish will continue to be involved and encourage anyone out there who might be able to lend a hand for next year’s event to contact Paul.