We’re proud to announce the recent launch of John Curtin College of the Arts’ website.

School websites are a category of their own. Whilst you may think they face the same challenges, each school is very different – and that’s why we started this project with scoping workshops.

 “Plan the work. Work the Plan” is a maxim at the core of successful projects. A solid plan qualifies good decisions and filters poor assumptions. It sets out expectations and manages unexpected changes. It measures progress and success. Building a digital product is analogous to building a house. Many decisions must be made on paper prior to the first brick being laid.

Planning allowed us to identify the key needs for John Curtin College of the Arts and understand the unique searching requirements of the users and lay out the site with a neat and simple site map and search solution for users to engage with.

Diligent planning allowed the client to;

understand the vision and spend time creating and collating the contents they needed for; pages, a help section, events, key term dates, resources and more.

It allowed us to;

  • create a clean and effective site structure that suited all users
  • identify opportunities for automation, such as the MY JCCA section, where key information is automatically filtered into audience-focused pages for consumption. This ensures that the site is used regularly.
  • spend time on crafting an experience that reflected the unique nature of the school.
  • streamline access to the Gifted and Talented information whilst maintaining a balance of importance on academic outcomes.
  • build a site that will be able to grow with the client, without needing to be involved every step of the way.
  • meet the clients’ budget requirements.

Visit the website profile here >