InstallAware is a leading MSI installer product – an important item in every Windows software developer’s toolkit. With large companies like Macrovision as major competitors, InstallAware needed a home page that was memorable and clearly outlined the different product editions available.

For this project, we worked closely with InstallAware founder and CEO Sinan Karaca to design and implement a fresh new look for the home page. As well as adding visual appeal, a main aim was to allow visitors to easily distinguish between the three main editions – accomplished by displaying an image of each edition alongside a list of the main features at the top of the new design.

By using industry-standard best practices for web site development, we were also able to decrease the average time the home page took to load by more than two-thirds – from over a minute for users on dialup connections to less than 20 seconds. This will help to minimise customer frustration as well as reduce hosting costs for InstallAware.

The Clever Starfish team will continue to work with InstallAware in the future on search engine optimisation and online marketing efforts.

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