We are getting asked more and more about developing sites suitable for mobiles, which is fantastic! Did you know that is doesn’t have to be its own dedicated site these days?

I have worked in digital since a phone was quite a large bricky Nokia that had a one-colour screen. I remember when viewing a website on a phone would have been laughable and impossible. I also remember when mobile sites started to take off and clients needed to create a second version that required all the content to be edited separately to your regular site.

It would have been about a year ago when I was discussing this problem with a very talented designer/developer hybrid friend…  He showed me a site that shrunk to fit the screen size – folding down as you pulled the corner in. It was very exciting and spurred the “we can do that too!”… and we did!

About 7 months ago we teamed up with our open-minded client, Wild Lily Empire, and went on the journey of designing and developing what we call a “responsive” website. We build them with WordPress and e-commerce capabilities.

We haven’t looked back since. Yep, even our site is responsive … Pull the right hand corner in to check it out.

Do you want a mobile site?