Google has changed their algorithm to favour fresh content. This means that new content is going to play an even bigger part in how your website ranks on Google. Here are our tips to ensure that your website stays up top:

Get a blog within your site – If you don’t have a blog yet, get one! If you have a WordPress site, this is very simple and you can call us to arrange this. A blog allows you to add fresh content that is neatly contained in an area where people know to look.

Share your news! – If you have great content and your own social media, share the link via Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other people’s sites or social bookmarking sites. Also, if you have a blog, have ‘share buttons’ so that the people visiting your site can do some of the heavy lifting and share for you.

Don’t just add content to your blog (if you even have a blog!) – If your services or products change, update your content to reflect this within the relevant page. Google will reward you!

If your current digital strategy has been to ‘launch and leave’, this will almost definitely have an impact on your website. Luckily, our mantra ‘content is key, content is key’ – so many of you already have blogs. We can help you to plan for your content rollout, make a content plan and even write the content for you if needed.

To find out the ins and outs, check out Google’s blog or contact our team.