With our ocean-inspired business name, working with marine organisations seems like a natural fit!

Marine Discovery Centres Australia (MDCA) is a non-profit organisation made up of representatives from marine discovery centres around the country. MDCA’s aim to collaborate and discuss key issues around discovery centres, education, and marine conservation.

With centres scattered around the country, we first set up a Google Group mailing list/collaborative workspace to help gather ideas, materials and content from all stakeholders. Then, Levi created a design mockup and presented it to the group for discussion, expecting the worst as dealing with large committees can often be difficult. Luckily, this time around Levi nailed the design almost completely in the first pass, and we were able to proceed to the build and populate stage very quickly, with the site going live just in time to meet the group’s funding deadline.

The site is powered by WordPress. As well as information and news from each of the participating marine discovery centres, a members-only area allows the group to collaborate and share resources. We held online training sessions over the Adobe Connect Pro teleconferencing system, using the screen sharing and live audio feature to demonstrate editing techniques, and allowing participants to ask questions via the text chat. The site is hosted by Fasthit.

Part of the site requirement was a two year maintenance agreement to help the group keep the site up to date, and we look forward to working with MDCA on an ongoing basis.

Marine Discovery Centres Australia