A few years ago, content management systems were somewhat of a specialty item – and as a result, they were expensive to license and expensive to implement. Now, there is no reason not to have one. Here’s why.

Back in the day, CMSs were hard to use…

More often than not, a good CMS wasn’t just difficult to use, but also pricey. The hosting accounts you’d need to support an advanced CMS tended to be very expensive.

Even as recently as 2006, when Clever Starfish first started operating, complete CMSs were not always cost-effective. By ‘complete CMS’ I mean a system that allowed every single piece of text on every page to be edited.

All too often we saw clients spend thousands on a system that allowed them complete control, only to make two or three minor text edits per year. These sorts of changes would have just cost them a couple of hundred dollars had they gone with either a maintenance agreement or a lower cost news editing system.

… but not any more!

Over the last couple of years, open source content management systems have really leaped ahead. They have vastly improved capabilities, ease of use, and speed of development.

It is now actually quicker for us to build a web site using our content management system of choice than it is to create a complete web site without a CMS. That means lower costs are passed onto our clients.

These days, there’s no reason for a web site to be built without a CMS because there is no cost saving. And, because modern systems are easier to use than ever, with a little bit of training anyone can reap the benefits of a regularly updated web site.

We build web sites using the WordPress content management system. If you’d like to find out how we can help you maintain your web site yourself, contact us today.