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10 May
Posted by Jane

Asia Through the Lens of Stewart & Murphy

Over the last few years we’ve created portfolio websites for many fantastic photographers, but when we saw Ray Stewart and Daniel Murphy’s work from South-East Asia, we were seriously impressed.

The simple dark design lets their vibrant urban and natural landscape images take visual precedence, and the room view feature gives visitors an idea of how the prints would look in a lounge or foyer.




Often we’ll try and match our LaunchCake to the project in some way. Sometimes it’s a clear association with the design or content. Sometimes the link is more obscure. Sometimes we just feel like ice cream cake. If you were trying to find the opposite-cake for Stewart & Murphy’s website, this is probably it!

17 Oct
Posted by Jane and Jayde

Christian Fletcher Launches New Look Responsive Website

Last year our team took a trip down south to say hello to the Fletcher team in their Dunsborough gallery after spending months on the phone. We felt it was about time we met in person! We already had a really appreciation of the beautiful photographic work of Christian Fletcher as it was great to be greeted so warmly in their stunning gallery.

Christian Fletcher’s original site was one of the earliest Tentacle stores. When we met with them we realised that they were beginning to grow out of the current version and wanted to take their online presence to the next level.

Christian Fletcher’s original site

Pretty quickly we got onto how we could look at improving the current site and it was pretty clear that they truly are innovators and love to lead the way. After the trip our team chatted about how we could address their needs and enable them to steer their business on a daily basis without us having to rely on us. They wanted control and we wanted to be able to give that to them.

We really do appreciate that they also let us run with some exciting features that we hope will make their site even easier to browse or buy a ‘Christian Fletcher’ that suits you.

All of these changes were not made lightly or at a whim. Our team spent a long time reviewing the popular sections of the site, listened to feedback from their team and other photographers who work closely with them. We didn’t want to make ‘change for change’s sake’ and hope that this is reflected in the new look.

Probably the biggest noticeable cosmetic change is that the site is now responsive, enabling purchasing, browsing and blog reading on the go. Visitors can also save their favourite images to the Wishlist and purchase from both the photography store and the gift store.

The site is not just about selling though and special care has been taken to consider first and foremost those who want to view images and read the latest happenings in the life of Christian Fletcher.

We will revisit this site in future blogs to explain further features including; gift vouchers, product pickup, room-view, coupons and how we approach responsive sites.

Check out their site at http://www.christianfletcher.com.au or pop into one of their galleries in Dunsborough, Margaret River or Mandurah.

Launch Cake: Chocolate Mousse Cake

16 Oct
Posted by Gregory

Australian Stock Photos Adds Video

Videographer, photographer and long standing client of Clever Starfish, Michael Fletcher has updated his Australian Stock Photo website to add video for purchase for by international and local commercial companies to use in films, documentaries, TV programs and online.

Mike experienced many hits on his Vimeo account so we were asked to couple his existing Tentacle to Vimeo Pro so he could sell his excellent videos without increasing the amount of administration time he would need to put into this side of his business. All he needs to do is share the Vimeo link in Tentacle and the video will play in the site.

Michael definitely gets our award for the most impressive reasons for launch delay including being busy saving a woman from a crocodile attack earlier this year.

Check out his blog to follow his latest travels!


Launch Cake: Chocolate Mud Cake

30 Aug
Posted by Jayde

Casey Smith Photography launches snappy new site!

We are very happy to launch Casey Smith Photography’s new site today! The site features our brand new Room View which incorporates 3D rendered backgrounds. Check it out here. Casey is an accomplished  photographer who travels around Australia extensively, capturing the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape. We just love having such talented clients :)

Launch Cake : Lemon Meringue

25 May
Posted by Gregory

Kirk Hille Photography celebrates new site!

Kirk Hille is celebrating the launch of his new site! Congratulations Kirk on the new website and your excellent photos!

Kirk Hille Website snap shot

Launch cake for this website: Carrot Cake

Kirk Hille Launch Cake

16 May
Posted by Gregory

Society Photography Launches New Site

We are very pleased to announce the long awaited launch of Society Photography‘s new website. This head turning site privileges David Stowe‘s beautiful photography as full background banners within the sites interface. Well done David for the excellent photos and special thank you to Levi Buzolic for the initial design. Brilliant.


Our Launch cake for this site : French Lemon Tart

30 Jul
Posted by Kay

Starfish clients get competitive

In the past few weeks, three of our photographer clients have launched some big competitions. So we thought we’d give ’em a hand and let you all know about them too.

Christian Fletcher has a competition open to non-professional, enthusiast photographers. And you have to shoot landscapes. It’s an unusual competition, in that only 500 entries are allowed. You can enter as many times as you like, but as soon as the 500 limit has been reached, that is it! For more information hit up his web site here, here for more details, and here for information on one of the awesome prizes.

Animal art photographers Zoo Studio have been nominated for the 4th Annual Paws and Claws Award. To celebrate, they are running their own competition. For every person who votes for Zoo Studio, given it’s a people’s choice award, an entry goes into their own competition. And what can you win? A huge Canon EOS 1000D and some private training. Wow!

Finally, Alex Cearns, also an animal photographer, is running a competition on her Facebook page. All you have to do is email in a photo of a pet, taken by you. The prize is really cool too: a metallic print of one of Alex’s multi-award-winning photographs. For more details, visit her site and have a read.

We love it when we see our clients engaging with their audiences like this. The only thing we wonder, is whether any of the Starfishies are eligible to enter…