When we built Christian Fletcher’s new web site, his wordpress.com hosted blog was left in place, so there would be one less thing to worry about during the migration process. However, we had always intended to move it to Christian’s own domain name, so the search engine benefits from incoming links would be applied to his web site as well. Not to mention so that it could be integrated into his site’s design.

Last month, in conjunction with our friendly neighbourhood search engine expert Judd Exley of Jex Analytics, the move was finally made. There were a few rough patches along the way – Christian’s been a pretty prolific blogger over the last two and a half years, so there were a lot of posts, a lot of images and a lot of comments to bring over – but now you can read Christian Fletcher’s blog on his own web site domain. All previous links to posts on the hosted wordpress.com blog will redirect to the same post on his new blog – like magic!

Christian is a very funny and engaging blogger, so if you have any interest in photography at all it’s well worth subscribing.

Christian Fletcher Landscape Photography blog